Photography Workshops

Sign up now for an early registration price break. Send me an email at or call (206)459-4471. I will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed and answer any remaining questions.

* learn to create photographs that elicit an emotional response from the viewer

* transform your camera from a confusing electronic contraption into a tool for creating the image in your mind's eye

* bring home images that would not have been possible before the workshop and gain the confidence to do the same on your own excursions

* ignite enthusiasm for a hobby or profession that can bring enjoyment for the rest of your life

Join me in two of the Pacific Northwest's most scenic locations - the San Juan Islands and North Cascades - for an opportunity to learn from an emerging Washington outdoor photographer. All experience levels are encouraged to sign up with the only prerequisite being a keen interest in improving your photography. Both workshops will convene on Thursday evening and will end early Sunday afternoon. We will shoot in the morning and evening hours while spending the middle of the day - when the light is poor - lecturing and processing our images. While an itinerary will be prepared the course of the workshop will ultimately be guided by group interest and weather conditions. Flexibility is a key component in having fun and bringing home stunning photographs.



San Juan Islands September 18-21, 2008

Many of those who know the islands best will tell you that September - after the crowds have left and the weather can still be good - is the best time of year. We will base this workshop on Lopez Island which is known for its rolling pastures and the friendly locals. Less well-known are the dramatic southern shores of the island with numerous bays, tiny islands and views over the Straight of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Mountains. We will also visit at least one other island in the archipelago to round out our busy weekend. Count on learning how to control shutter speed to use the movement of water to make a dramatic seascape. You can also count on a delicous home-cooked meal at my parent's home on the island!

We will meet on Thursday evening (time to be determined by the ferry schedule) at the Lopez Library for a slideshow and overview for the coming weekend. Please email or call for suggestions on lodging and how to deal with the ferries. All participants are responsible for their own lodging and transportation. We will carpool from the Lopez Library to various shooting locations.

Early sign up (before September 1) $350

After September 1 - $425

workshop San Juan Islands
workshop photography San Juan Islands




North Cascade Mountains September 25-28, 2008

There is simply no place in the lower 48 states more dramatic and beautiful than the North Cascades. Most of these areas are inaccessable to all but the most intrepid... with one exception: Heather Meadows (better known as Mt. Baker Ski Area). Here one can gain up-close views of ice-clad Mt Baker and the rugged good looks of Mt Shuksan from the comfort of a car. At high elevation fall will be in full swing and the reds and oranges of the heather can send a photographer into a shooting frenzy. Lesser known opportunities exist down valley along the Nooksak River. Count on learning how to manage tricky exposures that will enable you to capture alpenglow on the high peaks at sunrise and sunset.

We will meet on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm (venue to be determined) for a slideshow and overview of the coming weekend. Please email or call for suggestions on lodging near Mt. Baker. All participants are responsible for their own lodging and transportation. We will carpool from the meeting venue to various shooting locations.

Early sign up (before September 1) $350

After September 1 - $400

workshop North Cascades Shuksan
workshop North Cascades Mt. Baker Shuksan




Why Choose Dave?

My name may not have the same ring as "Ansel Adams" but I will more than make up for this shortcoming with competent and enthusiastic teaching. I am a teacher by trade and even hold a masters degree in education - which means nothing except to show my genuine interest in teaching. It is my intention to combine my love of photography in the outdoors and passion for teaching into a profession, and have even considered starting my own outdoor photography school. I can assure you that there are very few photographers who are as familiar with these locations and can match my enthusiasm for photography instruction.

What equipment do I need?

Please do not run out and buy the latest offering in camera equipment. Spending the time and money to LEARN how to use your camera will go much farther in improving your photography than having the best camera. Having said that, a digital SLR will provide you the best tool in which to enjoy the class. Canon and Nikon are the big players in this market and since I shoot with both I can help with most camera related issues. Bring all your lenses, and if forced to choose go for a wide angle lens (12-35mm for most digital cameras). A tripod will prove essential while shooting at sunrise and sunsset - the best light of the day. Useful filters are a circular polarizer and graduated neutral density filters. I will send a more detailed list of necessary equipment upon registration.